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Ms. Darville which is a remarkable woman who has overcome significant challenges in her life. Originally from Freeport Grand Bahama, she made the difficult decision to leave her home and immigrate to the United States in 2011. As an undocumented immigrant, she understood the difficulties facing individuals who are trying to build a new life in a foreign country. 

Despite these challenges, she not only succeeded in creating a better life for herself and her kids but she also turned her experiences into an opportunity to help others. Ms. Darville began assisting undocumented individuals to become contributing members of American society by helping them with job opportunities, accommodations, and other financial freedom resources. She saw the need for a center of resource assistance that could support her own community, as a domestic violence survivor herself she founded a non-profit organization to assist individuals that may just need a helping hand .

5 Guardian Angel

Non Profit

5 Guardian Angels her non-profit organization, is designed to help people who are facing serious challenges in their lives such as trauma, domestic violence, and mental health issues. This organization has given her community hope of healing and has led her to become known as a "guardian angel" to many.

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Ms. Darville's experience as an undocumented immigrant has given her a unique perspective and an ability to guide her clients through complex journeys with ease. Her love for her culture and dedication to helping others has led her to provide a wide-reaching service. As a successful entrepreneur, mother, daughter, spouse, friend, and sister, Ms. Darville is an inspiration to us We can help you with immigration legal aide here.

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